Humor & Culture Lecture

EVENT: Lecture on the Topic “Humor and Culture”
SPEAKER: Professor Ted Quock (Keisei University)
WHEN: June 18th, 6 PM – 7:25 PM
WHERE: Bldg 15, Room 15-606

Professor Quock’s talk will focus on the nature of humor and his unique definition of it, along with the various theories he has developed about types of humor and intention vs. perception. Culture usually comes into play in relation to the perception of humor since the target audience can be defined by factors such as age, gender, sexual/religious/political persuasion, education, and experience. Prof. Quock’s lecture will deal with cross-cultural analyses of humor, particularly concentrating on Japan vs. the West. Lots of examples of humor will be used and students and there will be some enjoyable interactive tasks and activities.


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