Saving lives

On September 7, the Tokyo English Life Line–an English version of Inochi no Denwa–will mark World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). In a series of talks on that day you can learn how you can help confront the stigma associated with suicide. The event will include presentations by Professor Sawada, a Japanese researcher and author (from 4:15 PM), and Dr Rene Duignan, economist and producer of the documentary ‘Saving 10,000’ (from 5:15 PM). The TELL Lifeline Director, Vickie Skorji, will also discuss (from 6:15 PM) current suicide prevention activities and give suggestions on how we might end the stigma of suicide. The event will end with a candlelight vigil to remember those who lost their lives to suicide.


EVENT: Lectures to mark World Suicide Prevention Day
WHEN: September 7th 2013, Saturday, 4:00pm – 7:15pm
WHERE: Wesley Center 2F (Click HERE for a map)
SIGN UP: Contact Vickie Skorji at [email protected].

Download the World Suicide Prevention Day 2013 Toolkit.

Download World Suicide Prevention 2013 Facts & Figures.

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