Performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank”

The Tokyo International Players invite you to enjoy their production of the play “The Diary of Anne Frank,” to be performed from May 18th-21st at Nakano Pocket Square「THE POCKET」. There will be five performances in total over four days.

“The Diary of Anne Frank” is a play adapted from the book The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. It first appeared at the Cort Theatre in 1955. The play won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the playwrights Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich. The play also received the 1956 New York Drama Critics Circle award for best play.

Anne was a teenage Jewish girl who became trapped in Nazi-occupied Holland. She had to go into hiding with her family in a “Secret Annex” of an old office building in Amsterdam. Ultimately, the whereabouts of Anne’s family was betrayed to the Gestapo (Nazi secret police) and they were all sent to concentration camps where Anne perished. In her diary, Anne Frank vividly recorded her thoughts and feelings during this period.

You can read the “Diary of a Young Girl” in its entirety at: .

EVENT: “Diary of Anne Frank,” Directed by Jonah Hagans
WHEN: May 18th-21st
WHERE: Nakano Pocket Square (Click HERE for a map)

The Tokyo International Players (TIP) was founded in 1896. Its members have mainly been made up of talent from the Tokyo foreign community, but Japanese cast members and supporting staff have also played key roles.

The organization, 100% volunteer-run, provides quality English-language entertainment for international audiences. Over its long history, many active members have appeared in professional theatre in Japan and abroad.

TIP is always looking for new on-stage talent, directors, designers, and backstage crew, as well as people to support their various front-of-house, fundraising, and promotional activities. They consider enthusiasm, energy, and a fun-loving nature to be more important than experience.

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