Summer Study in Portland

A summer study tour is being organized by AGU’s School of International Politics, Economics, and Communication (SIPEC) in Portland, Oregon (USA) and hosted by SIIC (Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication).

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about intercultural communication and about American culture. In addition to lectures by the distinguished scholar, Dr. John Condon, visits to local attractions, businesses, and families will be arranged. The study trip will last for two weeks, Aug 24 ~ Sept 6 2018.

EVENT: Portland Seminar @ Portland Oregon, USA
EXPLANATION SESSION: During lunch period on May 17th
PERIOD OF TRIP: 2018年 8月24日(金)~9月6日(木)  14日間
WHERE: Portland Oregon, USA

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students who already have a strong ability to communicate in English will get the most out of this program.

Download this WORD file for more detailed information on the study tour.

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