Performance of ‘A Hound of the Baskervilles’

Members of Black Stripe Theater will perform an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic masterpiece ‘A Hound of the Baskervilles’, a story of mystery, murder, and the supernatural. Based on one of the best-loved novels of all-time and featuring the investigatory quick-witted duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, this humorous version has been adapted by actor and writer Brandon Francis and reworked for four actors.

EVENT: Dramatization of the story “Hound of the Baskervilles”
WHEN: December 6th (Thursday); 3rd period 13:20~14:50 AND an additional performance at 4th period 15:05~16:35
WHERE: Room 1123 — Building 11 on the 2nd Floor at 3rd period and Honda Auditorium (17-610) at 4th period
TARGET AUDIENCE: IE students and any other interested parties who love live theater

Download a comic version of ‘A Hound of the Baskervilles’ and try reading it before the performance. [Click on the image below.]

You might also prepare your students for the performance by having them perform this dramatization of the story.

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