Talk: Shakespeare (As He Would Have Heard It)

Ben Crystal is an English actor, author, and producer, best known for his work on performing and promoting Shakespeare using original practices, especially in the
original pronunciation. A detailed look at the expansive and influential range of his work on Shakespearean theatre and education is available at

In this talk, Crystal will explore the fascinating 400-year-old original sound of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, showing a world hidden beneath our modern accent, a linguistic world full of intended meanings that are not typically heard by modern audiences. For a preliminary explanation of Ben Crystal’s work, please see a selection of videos on YouTube.

EVENT: Lecture and performance by Ben Crystal
TITLE: Shakespeare: As He Would Have Heard It
WHERE: Aoyama Gakuin University (Aoyama Campus): Building 4, Room 420
WHEN: Tuesday 9th May 2017; from 5th period (16:50)

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