Life Line (TELL) Open House: A volunteer opportunity

Volunteer work has many benefits. It can make you feel more a part of society and it can help you prepare for entering society by giving you useful job skills and general social skills. There is a unique volunteer opportunity in the neighborhood of Aoyama Gakuin University’s Shibuya Campus at the Tokyo English Life Line (TELL), an English version of the service offered in Japanese under the name Inochi no Denwa, a sort of crisis counseling for people in distress. Before you can be on the line there’s a lengthy, but valuable, training. You can learn more about yourself at the same time you learn how to listen deeply to others.

Attend  the TELL “open house” in order to learn more about the organization and the role you might be able to play in it.

EVENT: Life Line Services Open House
WHEN: June 19th 2011, Tuesday, 7pm – 9pm
WHERE: Wesley Center 2F (Click HERE for a map)

According to the life line director, Jason Chare:

“…whether you are a university student, teacher, business person, or stay-at-home spouse, the skills you learn in the training will have benefits in all areas of your life, such as how to effectively listen and communicate.”

For more information, call the Business Office at (03)4550-1191 or visit

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