4th Annual “Gohan (Food) Film Festival”

A unique food-focused film festival is back for the fourth time: the “4th Annual Gohan (Food) Film Festival.” It will be held at Omotesando Hills Space O and at Shibuya’s Image Forum Theatre, a stone’s throw from the Aoyama Gakuin University campus. In the case of the films screened at Space O, participants can enjoy the culinary delights of collaborating restaurants while watching the movies. See the official website for schedule details.


EVENT: The Tokyo Gohan (Food) film festival/ 第4回東京ごはん映画祭
WHEN: Oct 12 ~ 18
WHERE: Omotesando Hills Space O & Image Forum Theatre
LANGUAGE: Various languages with Japanese subtitles
SCHEDULE: http://tokyogohan.com/schedule/
COST: ¥1,300 ~ ¥3,500 (depending on whether a meal is served with the film)


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