Talk by author Danzy Senna

On March 3rd—from 6:30 PM at the American Center in Tokyo—the distinguished author, Danzy Senna, will speak about her life and work. This is a free talk. I recently read Danzy Senna’s novel, Caucasia, and found it riveting and insightful. It looks at race in America from the perspective of a child (and, later in the novel, teenager) who is being raised by an African American father (a scholar) and a quirky, blue-blooded white activist mother in the racially tense Boston of the 1970s. There’s still room for more audience members at Danzy Senna’s talk. One of our colleagues who specializes in African American literature, Prof. Azusa Nishimoto, has invited her and the American Embassy is sponsoring the event.

— Joseph Dias

EVENT: Lecture on bi/multi-racial identity issues
SPEAKER: Danzy Senna
WHEN: Thursday, March 3, 2016; From 6:30 PM
WHERE: American Center 「アメリカンセンターJAPAN」(Click
HERE for a map

LANGUAGE: Lecture is in English
TARGET AUDIENCE: For anyone interested in literature and racial identity issues.

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