Short-term paid internship available

EnglishCentral, a Global IT company for English language education, is offering a short-term paid internship program in the Summer of 2022. The web services provided by EnglishCentral are being used in the English Department’s Integrated English Program and in classes at other departments at AGU. 

EnglishCentral holds internship programs every year in spring and summer, and this summer it is scheduled from Monday, August 29th to Friday, September 9th. By joining the internship program for 10 days, not only can students take part in helping out with the company’s tasks, but they can also get to know the atmosphere and the corporate culture of a venture company.

The duties include taking part in the company’s tasks such as checking the contents of videos used for educational purposes, getting involved in projects where you can plan, produce and present your own videos and, possibly, manage the operation of the company’s social media. By working online or offline with other interns from all over Japan, students can increase their independent thinking and teamwork skills.

In addition, by using the same communication tools (Skype, Zoom, Google Meets) and services (Google Docs, Google Sheets) as our employees, the interns can develop their basic PC skills which will be useful in the future. We also believe that our internship program—which has students thinking and allocating time for their tasks by themselves— gives them room to improve their multi-tasking skills as well.

Here is the URL where students can find the application guidelines:  

Note that…

  • English proficiency isn’t required for application, but it will be necessary for certain tasks.
  • Students who have never used the services of EnglishCentral can feel free to participate.
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