“Pride and Prejudice”–Drama adapted from Jane Austen novel

The Tokyo International Players (TIP) will be performing an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from May 18th – 21st. Some IE teachers may be incorporating the novel, and the dramatization of it, into the curriculum, either going to see the play as a group or offering it as an optional “outing.”

Information about the play can be found at: https://www.tokyoplayers.org/post/tip-presents-pride-and-prejudice. Notice that there is a steep discount for students.

Xreading, the online reading platform used in the IE Program at the IE I and II levels, has four extensive readers based on Pride and Prejudice, which range from 1000-2100 headwords. Students are advised to read a version of the novel that fits their “comfortable” reading level before going to see the play. As the university has a site license to use Xreading, any student in the English Department who wishes to use it (even if the program is not used in their IE classes or if they’ve graduated out of the IE Program) should inform Ms. Oshima at the English Department office (9th Floor of Goucher Hall).

The Tokyo International Players (TIP) was founded in 1896. Its members have mainly been made up of talent from the Tokyo foreign community, but Japanese cast members and supporting staff have also played key roles.

The organization, 100% volunteer-run, provides quality English-language entertainment for international audiences. Over its long history, many active members have appeared in professional theatre in Japan and abroad.

TIP is always looking for new on-stage talent, directors, designers, and backstage crew, as well as people to support their various front-of-house, fundraising, and promotional activities. They consider enthusiasm, energy, and a fun-loving nature to be more important than experience.

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