In Praise of Trees

Due to a redevelopment plan for the Jingu Gaien area, thousands of trees, many of them over 100 years old and storing huge amounts of planet-warming carbon, are slated to be cut down. Groups of citizens and ICOMOS (an advisory body to UNESCO) have protested these ill-conceived plans. Various events have been (and are being) held to raise awareness and rally support for the preservation of the trees and this remarkable green space. This is an announcement about one such event that involves music and artistic expression.

EVENT: In Praise of Trees–An Afternoon of Song, Joy & Art


WHEN: May 19, 2024 (Sunday), 15:30~17:30

WHERE: What the Dickens Pub (Ebisu) [1-13-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya 150-0021 Tokyo]

TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who wants to support the movement to save the many trees threatened by the Jingu Gaien redevelopment project.

— Refer to this PDF for full details.

Articles to help you learn more about the issue:

ICOMOS Heritage Alert Jingu Gaien

UNESCO body calls for halt to Tokyo redevelopment over tree loss (JAPAN TIMES)

Official Site of “Save Jingu Gaien” (non-profit volunteer organization started in 2022 by Tokyo residents dedicated to protecting the area from a redevelopment project)

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