Global Festa 2019 — Learning about the World

Something called “Global Festa Japan 2019” will be held on September 28th and 29th at the Odaiba Center Promenade in Tokyo. There will be films from the UNHCR WILL2LIVE 2019 / 映画祭2019, a charity run, “talk shows” concerning various environmental issues, photo exhibits, musical performances, among many interesting and enjoyable events. NGOs representing numerous causes and issues will gather there, so it is an excellent chance for students who wish to take part in internships with domestic or international NGOs to see what’s available. Who knows…you might become inspired to change the world!

EVENT: Global Festa 2019/ グローバルフェスタJAPAN2019
WHEN: September 28th & 29th 2019 CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCHEDULE
WHERE: At Odaiba Center Promenade in Tokyo.

This YouTube video will give you an idea of what a previous year’s Global Festa looked like:

Here are just a few of the NGOs that will have participated in the event in the past:

Oxfam Japan
特定非営利活動法人 オックスファム・ジャパン

Action against Child Exploitation

Amnesty International Japan

TABLE FOR TWO International
テーブル フォー ツー インターナショナル

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